I am definitely not dead right now!

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- Pennsylvania, Quaker, 1711-1712,

That's about it. Enjoy!}
I wanna know what other blogs you have! ♥

You probably aren’t going to like this

Quick note though, 999% of these aren’t active / are hoarded urls / are years older than this blog even and I just never got around to deleting them. (But I the ones I made more recently / planned on using more often are near the top.) 

▷ Guys don’t follow this blog I haven’t been active in months and I’m not in the fandom anymore

Just saying because I notice people following after one of the posts is getting attention again

Original image: 

Original image: 

Oh my god people are still following this blog.

I feel touched. :’D

can I ask this one sexual questions?~

Of course! 

And I’m sure he’ll be much more open about it than repressed Jackson was. 

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is this like the sequel to this blog? ahahaha anyways *instant follow*

I didn’t actually think of that, but it’s actually an AU of the movie (without deviating too much, in the grand scheme of things it really changes nothing) and more like an inverse of this blog than anything else. 

Although the idea of it being a sequel would be pretty cool, 

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▷ Livestreaming Rise of the Guardians movie!!!!!!!


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Doodles from the stream!

Doodles from the stream!